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Introducing the adobe house of Yazd

A cozy environment for relaxation and avoidance of smoking and machine life today

The clay dwelling house is located in the center of Yazd in one of the historical sites called Gazgarh. The adobe house was built about 150 years ago and its historical background dates back to the Qajar period. The house was refurbished in 2014 and was put into use as an eco-friendly residence. The accommodation has 7 rooms and can accommodate up to 35 guests, both Iranian and foreign. The adobe house has a porch overlooking the courtyard and back to the sun, which is called the local dialect of the Yazd people.

Adobe house residence 

Pictures of Yazd Adobe House

اقامتگاه بومگردی خانه خشتی یزد

Guests of Yazd Adobe House

Pictures of the Yazd Adobe House

Accommodation facilities
Programs that are offered at the place of residence
Programs offered outside the accommodation
Several kinds of local food
Preservation of cultural heritage and crafts

Accommodation facilities

  • The adobe house has two spaces for breakfast on the grounds and on the roof, with traditional beds and a lounge with a capacity of 40 people, for the spring and summer seasons.
  • Local cuisine and drinks (summer house tea) in the courtyard and on the roof of the residence
  • Courtyard garden for sitting by the pool with wooden bed and traditional bed in some rooms…
  • Landscape in some rooms Frontage view…
  • Introducing Yazd’s tourist attractions and Yazd folk culture as well as the historical context of Yazd for dear guests during the all-night stay and at night and sometimes during breakfast.

Programs that are offered at the place of residence

  • Celebration and live music for special occasions such as Yalda Night, Happy Holidays and Nowruz…

(These programs are free for guests and those staying at the residence)

Programs offered outside the accommodation

  • Tours in Yazd, trekking in the desert, checking in.

(These programs, along with tour guides, include a fee)

Several kinds of local food

Ash Shawli, Yimada Yazdi, Yazdi Meatballs and Ashna Yazdi are available upon request.

Preservation of cultural heritage and crafts

  • Brick house restoration based on natural architectural pattern
  • In the restoration of this house we have at least interfered with the building, for example
  • Architecture of Yazd based on central courtyard
  • Sunny rooms for winter and sunny rooms for summer
  • The building includes thick walls and dome ceilings to prevent heat and cold.
  • Yazd traditional costumes with cashmere fabrics (these are provided for guests to take photos)
  • The local community in the adobe dwelling house is more expansive because we use everyone involved in the tourism industry when guests are in the adobe house

important information:

Noteworthy guests are the stairs, patio and entrance of the traditional adobe house.

The accommodation has 7 rooms and can accommodate 25 to 30 people in total for Iranian and foreign guests.

The two-bed rooms at the adobe residence have no bathrooms and an internal toilet.

Bathrooms and public baths are generally housed in the residence area. There is also a public kitchen with cooking facilities and a fridge.