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Yazd Adobe House

Emam Khomeini Street no 26, 21th Alley, Yazd, Iran

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About Yazd Adobe House

Ecotourism is a type of accommodation for travelers that, unlike hotels that share the same characteristics, has its own special environment and is a kind of indigenous and locally renovated mainly in old houses in a way that is ideal for Passengers are managed.

The adobe house has two spaces for breakfast on the grounds and on the roof, with traditional beds and a lounge with a capacity of 40 people, for the spring and summer seasons. Local and Drinks (Summer Tea) in the courtyard and on the rooftop of the residence, the garden in the courtyard to sit by the water-dock with the traditional wooden bed, the view in some rooms The courtyard view is just some of the charm of the adobe house comes.

Important Description

Please note the following before booking a room

  • The three-bed and five-bed rooms have en suite bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms.
  • Double bedrooms do not have in-room bathrooms (bathroom and bathroom are outside)
  • The adobe house has no parking.
  • Room Delivery Time Room evacuation time 13:00
  • Accommodation for children under 5 is free of charge.
  • There are 6 bathrooms and public baths in the courtyard, underground and roof. The kitchen and fridge are also public.
  • Rates for foreign travelers are calculated in dollars.
  • Extra service is in bed.
  • The grounds and entrance of the traditional adobe house have stairs.

Facilities of Yazd Brick House

Bed | Clean sheets | Water cooler | Gas fireplace | Free Breakfast


Distance of Yazd clay dwelling house to important places of Yazd city

  • 2 minutes by car to Amir Chakhmaq Yazd Mosque
  • 2 minutes by car to Bazar Khan Yazd
  • Distance to Yazd Grand Mosque 3 minutes by car
  • 5 minutes by car to Yazd six wind farms
  • Distance to Ziaiee Yazd School (Alexander Prison) 5 minutes by car
  • 8 min drive to Zoroastrian fire temple Yazd
  • 9 minutes by car to Dolatabad Gardens of Yazd
  • 13 minutes by car to the railway station
  • 19 minutes by car to Yazd Airport
  • 21 minutes by car to the terminal